Rachel Frey of Trammel House Sweets

Born and raised in North Carolina, Rachel Bowen grew up in a home surrounded by family and traditional southern culinary influences. As a child, she observed her mother and great-grandmother creating dishes to satisfy the neighborhood. She attributes her passion for baking to watching her great-grandmother remove melt-in-your-mouth buttermilk biscuits from the oven, lightly poking holes and filling each one with cane syrup. It was a simple, yet divine treat. Rachel’s life revolved around her great-grandmother’s kitchen and white Hoover cabinet encasing her legendary tea cakes and egg custard pies. She learned early that homemade always tastes better than store-bought.

Perfecting recipes for cakes, pies, cookies, candy, jams, and jellies since Santa brought her first pink “Little Lady” toy oven, Rachel carries on her family tradition of baking mouth-watering desserts. For more than 20 years, she has shared her homemade walnut fudge with family and friends making it a highly-anticipated holiday tradition. Customers rave, “It’s the most delectable this side of the Mason-Dixon Line!” At the encouragement of loyal customers, Rachel’s Trammell-House Sweets was born in 2010.

The name “Trammell-House Sweets” comes from the 1887 Queen Anne house in Marietta where Rachel and her husband, Douglas, reside with their cats, Nimbus and Tabitha Tarheel. Douglas is an architectural historian, preservation contractor, and author of “Marietta, The Gem City of Georgia, a Celebration of its Homes, a Portrait of its People.” The two share a love of history, antiques, and old buildings, and spent five years renovating the home themselves. Rachel is a longtime member of historic preservation organizations, including the National Trust, The Georgia Trust, and Cobb Landmarks and Historical Society. Rachel’s Trammell-House Sweets is proud to invest a portion of its sales to efforts to save America’s unique buildings and places. 

So, try a slice of fudge or a couple of brownies, and follow Rachel as she writes about her love of gardening, writing, reading, traveling, entertaining, and decorating.